When Spring Cleaning Coincides with Spring Moving

Spring brings new beginnings – new plants, fresh air, and possibly a new home. Regardless of the reasons you are moving, a move can be stressful, even when hiring a local professional moving company. Packing up your belongings and loved ones and moving towards a new life is something that no one likes to do. Especially when cleaning is apart of the to-do list. With Monarch Movers, there are many ways to make the situation more manageable. When spring cleaning coincides with spring moving, work smarter, not harder.

Here are a few tips on how to make a stressful situation a little easier.

1. Pack Over Time

Try packing up small parts of your house over the course of a few weeks, rather than having an all-nighter or weekend where you do everything in one go. This allows you to pack things in a more manageable way that decreases stress and allows you to be more organized. A lot of times we get so fed up with packing that we just throw random things into boxes. Doing small bits over a few weeks breaks an enormous task into something less intimidating and daunting. If you give yourself a room or box quota each day, or each week, it will help you stay on track.

Packing over time also helps with the cleaning aspect of moving. If your goal is to pack one room a week, or pack one box a day, that gives you space to clean. Start with things that you don’t use as often, such as, a guest bedroom, or a closet full of winter clothes. After the space is packed up, it’s easy to go in and dust and vacuum. If possible, once a space is packed up (like a guest room or office) use the space for storing boxes. That way you don’t have to clean again. When spring cleaning coincides with spring moving, make a plan.

2. Box Options

Moving companies, such as Monarch Movers, offer many options for moving kits. These are easy to use and will save you a lot of hassle. Instead of having to hunt down boxes, let us take that source of stress off your plate. We offer free boxes with your move!

Another great feature of using Monarch Movers is the option to use wardrobe boxes. These allow you to leave the clothes that are already hanging in your closet to remain hanging. Simply transfer the hanging clothes from the closet to the wardrobe box. Not only does this make things easier, it saves you time once you’ve moved into your new place. Bonus; you won’t have to re-iron your clothes. Wardrobe boxes are a handy tool to use that will save you time when spring cleaning coincides with spring moving.

3. Utilities

As soon as you have a closing date set, call the utilities company and schedule a service switch. That way everything is good to go on move in day. It’s one more thing off your to-do list that you can tackle before the big day as well as save you any extra expenses.

4. Bring the Basics

If you are moving somewhere that is within driving distance of your current residence, think about taking over the essentials the day before you move. Having bathrooms that are already set up will make things a lot easier. If you have more than one bathroom in your current home, consider packing up and cleaning all but one of the bathrooms a few days before the move. This allows you to take supplies over to the new house without leaving your current home without bathroom essentials. Cleaning out other bathrooms ahead of time will also make less work on moving day, when spring cleaning coincides with spring moving.

Another important detail is your first night in the new place. Make a small bag with what you will need to sleep the first few nights – pajamas, tooth brush, toiletries, etc. After a long day of moving, there is nothing worse than rummaging through boxes to find some toothpaste.

5. Take a Walk

It’s always good to know the area you will be moving to and there is no better way to do that than going for a stroll. This can also help reduce any stress you are feeling by giving you a break from the move and allowing your body to stay active which is essential when relocating all of your possessions. While walking, note different features in your community – is there a coffee shop down the street? Where is the dog park? Do you see any kids playing that could be potential playmates for your own children? Be sure to say hi to people as you check the area out. Introduce yourself and ask them questions about the neighborhood. This is where you can start to build new friendships and get the best recommendations – good babysitters, lawn care, pizza, etc. While your new neighbors might drop by and introduce themselves when they see you moving in, you will definitely meet more people if you make the effort to get out into the community.

When spring cleaning coincides with spring moving, it can be a stressful time. There are a lot of quick tips you can use to cut down on the stress, but the main takeaway is to plan ahead. Plan how you can pack and clean efficiently. Talk to a local professional moving company and discuss options. Monarch Movers are here to help in any way you need. Give us a call! 757-833-0800

For more information and tips on how to pack smart when spring cleaning coincides with spring moving, check out www.goodhousekeeping.com/moving-tips.

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  1. This article provides excellent tips for managing a move during spring cleaning. Packing over time and using moving kits offered by professional moving companies like Monarch Movers are great ways to stay organized and reduce stress. I’d like to ask the author if they have any specific advice on how to handle fragile or sentimental items during the move to ensure their safety.

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